East port handled 10 million tonne of coal this year

At the transfer complexes of "East Port", the country’s largest stevedore, which specializes in the transshipment of coal products was processed the 10 millionth ton of coal this year.

Almost all of the 10 million tons of overloaded products — is exported coal, shipped mostly to the Asia-Pacific region. 41% of export coal from the beginning of the year sent to South Korea, another 27% — to Japan and 19% — in the People’s Republic of China.
It is worth noting that this year of "East Port" in the framework of the Northern delivery sent more than 135 million tons of coal in Magadan.

Managing Director of "East Port" Anatoly Lazarev said that thanks to the coordinated work of the team complex stevedoring company retains the turnover at the level of 2012. Last year, the 10 millionth milestone was also passed in the third week of July.

Recall that in 2012, the stevedoring company handled more than 18 million tons of coal production, accounting for one fifth of the coal cargo sea ports in Russia and about 37% of the turnover of the Far Eastern port basin.


The structure of "East Port" consists of two production and transshipment complex.

The first — the only one in the Primorsky Territory Specialized Coal complex system of conveyor equipment and station wagon unloading. The level of automation here reaches almost 98.9%. Production capacity — 14.2 million tons a year.

Second — Universal Handling Complex specializes in clamshell coal handling, its capacity is 3 million tons year.

The main cargo — coal mined in Kuzbass. At present, the export coal is 98.5% of the total turnover of the stevedoring company, less than 1.5% is coastwise coal and 0.01% for other goods. Of "East Port" — the largest stevedoring company in Russia, which specializes in the transshipment of coal.

Coordinating the work of "East Port" carries "Management port company."

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