East Siberia — Pacific Ocean

Launched late last year, the oil pipeline ESPO-2 allowed for the first seven months of this year to increase the volume of sea shipments in the Far Eastern port Koz’mino at 3,000,000 tons compared to the same period last year, according to a statement on the website of the company LLC "Dalnefteprovod."

For seven months of the current year, the company "Transneft" pumped to the second stage of the pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean" about 11 million tons of oil. With the launch of ESPO-2 in December last year, the volume of sea shipments to the Far Eastern port "Koz’mino" increased by 3 million tons compared to the same period last year and amounted to 12.5 million tons. Thus, the export of oil brand ESPO (East Siberia — Pacific Ocean) in the I half of 2013 increased by 37%.

Most of the ESPO acquire companies from Japan and China, the share of these countries in the I half accounted for 65% of shipments.

Total oil pipeline "Eastern Siberia — Pacific Ocean" in Kozmino and China was pumped 100 millionth ton of oil. Nefteprovodchiki round figure recorded at the station "Talakan" in Yakutia.

Part of the raw materials, "Transneft" still carries the Pacific Ocean by rail. Deliveries of oil to the port by rail Koz’mino go since 2009. With the launch of ESPO-2, this option is stored in the oil shipment within 3-4 million tons per year.

The track is laid ESPO-2 from Skovorodino in the Amur region to the oil port Kozmino in Primorsky Krai. ESPO-2 is part of the whole system and is connected to the ESPO ESPO-1. The total length of the ESPO-2 should reach 2.06 thousand kilometers.

Ltd. "Dalnefteprovod?" one of the enterprises in the system of OJSC "AK" Transneft ".

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