«Eastern Energy Company has signed a contract with China for the supply of electricity for 25 years

«Eastern Energy Company" (WEC), which is 100% of the "daughter" of "Inter RAO UES" and operator of electricity exports to the Far East, has signed a long-term contract with the State Grid Corporation of China for the supply of electricity for 25 years, said Wednesday Press Service of the WEC.

The report notes that the supply of electricity to China under the new contract will begin on March 1, 2012. It is planned that in 2012 the volume of Russian electricity in China will increase by more than 2-fold relative to 2011 and will exceed 2.6 billion kWh

Technical ability to increase the volume of exports has appeared thanks to the construction of a new 500 kV transmission line Amur-Heihe. The main customer of construction was JSC "FGC UES". WEC at his own expense built a portion of the transmission line — crossing the Amur River, reports "Interfax".

The total supply in the 25-year contract on transmission lines with voltage of 110, 220 and 500 kV will be approximately 100 billion kilowatt-hours

Under the new contract, the electricity exports to China will be carried out both on the power line voltage of 110 kV and 220 kV, for which previously carried out cross-border electricity trade with China, and the new power line Amur-Heihe.

As previously reported, cross-border supply of electricity from Russia to China ceased in February 2007, when the Federal Tariff Service has sharply increased export tariffs in this area, resulting in the price of electricity was too high for Chinese buyers. Russia resumed exports in March 2009.

Cross-border trade in electricity is the initial phase of the project to its wide-scale exports to China. By 2020 it is planned to reach the target project to export electricity to China — 60 billion kWh per year.

JSC «Eastern Energy Company" was created specifically for the implementation of the Chinese project. For deliveries to China company buys above-plan, unclaimed on the Russian domestic market power.


Interesting interview with the General Director of the WEC Yuri Sharov from 2009: http://www.eastern-ec.ru/print.php?url =% 2Fpublications% 2Fschet-poshel-na-milliardy.html

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