Easy statistics or some positive statistical facts about Russia for the years 2000-2011

In the "ynternete" often met out of context negative statistical facts about Russia. These figures are thrown, watered and shout "propolimery."

The following facts suggest the same source, but in a different context:

  • meat production increased from 1,200 tons to 4,200 tons;
  • footwear production from 33 million pairs to 111 million pairs;
  • primary oil refining — from 173 million tons to 258 million tons;
  • gasoline — from 27 million tons to 37 million tons;
  • Ready-ferrous metals — from 47 to 60 million tons;
  • steam turbines from 1.3 million to 4.3 kW;
  • household refrigerators and freezers from 1.3 million to 4.1 million;
  • railway freight wagons with 4 million pieces to 63 million pieces.
  • potato yield increased from 105 to 148 quintals per hectare;
  • productivity of vegetables increased from 143 to 208 quintals per hectare;
  • yield of grain and leguminous plants grown from 15.6 to 22.4 quintals per hectare;
  • gross harvest of sugar beet grown 14 to 48 million tons;
  • gross yield of sunflower from 3.9 to 9.7 million tons;
  • commissioning of dwellings increased 30 to 62 million sq.m. a year;

Clearly, this is only part of one side of the coin.

However, the above facts gathered specifically to deal with those who "prefer to see" the only all in black.

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