EBC Bearings meet international aviation standards

 Branch of "REC" in the Volga certified global leader in the field of certification "BUREAU VERITAS Certification ».

Volga branch of JSC "Aviation Bearing Plant" (EPC Samara) received  certificate, confirming compliance with the quality management system requirements of international air standard AS /EN 9100.

Demand for bearings for aerospace and defense contracts has been steadily growing. In this connection, air bearings increases plant production, including at the sites of its subsidiaries. The task of the certification of the Volga branch arose from having to produce uniform requirements for product life cycles and processes of all companies included in the Division of special bearings.

JSC "Aviation Bearing Plant" (EPC-Samara) has received an international certificate of 29 January 2010. After that has been tasked to carry out certification affiliates. September 24, 2012 the most competent certification body «BUREAU VERITAS Certification» decided to certification of the Volga branch of "REC". The certificate certifies that the quality management system meets the requirements of the QMS: BS EN ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2009, AS 9100 Rev C.

Director of the Volga branch of Samara Aviation Bearing Plant Sergei Mokichev:

— The certificate identifies the entity in the international database of OASIS, as a supplier of bearings for the aircraft industry, which gives an opportunity to expand the supply of products in the new capacity into new markets, new customers.

The Executive Director of "Criminal YPC," the head of Aviation Bearing Plant Vladimir Makarchuk considers international certification necessary step in the development of production and meet the demands of consumers. Especially in the context of Russia’s accession to the WTO.

Aviation AS 9100 was enacted in 1997 by the American organization for the quality of the Aeronautics (AAQG) to provide international level of quality, safety and technology standards in all areas of aeronautics. Today, having designed, implemented and certified in accordance with the requirements of the quality management system is a requirement of the world’s leading manufacturers in the aerospace industry such as Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, Pratt & Whitney, to its suppliers. Certification to the standard AS 9100 — certificate of conformity of quality management system requirements of the FAA, EASA.


JSC "Aviation Bearing Plant" (EPC-Samara) includes structure branches of "REC" in Saratov and the Volga (Volgograd region). REC produces more than five thousand types of bearings: ball, roller, tapered, including high-precision, low noise. ZAP’s products are used in the manufacture of aircraft engines and rocket motors, as well as rocket science, shipbuilding, machine tools, automotive, instrumentation. Diameter of products — from 10 to 620 mm, weight — 20 g to 76.8 kg. ZAP has the certificate of quality management system "Bureau Veritas" standard BS EN ISO 9001:2008, EN 9100:2003, AS 9100.


"Bureau Veritas» (BUREAU VERITAS Certification) created in 1828 in France. Now — the world leader in the field of certification for quality and safety in virtually all sectors and one of the most prestigious international certification bodies aerospace sector. The main objective of the Bureau held certifications — ensuring safety by improving quality management systems, as well as the improvement of equipment and production processes airlines. The company has more than 370,000 customers in all market segments, including the industry: AIRBAS, RollsRoyce, Snecma, Air France, Lufthansa and others. Among domestic companies — clients "Bureau Veritas" are Gazprom, Lukoil, Rosneft, Tatneft, Rusal and others.

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