EC detachment spent teaching to repel an attack conditional underwater saboteurs

Troop ships of the Caspian flotilla consisting of a rocket ship (RK) "Dagestan" and a small survey vessel (MGS) "GS-194" continues to perform tasks-collecting trip to the Caspian Sea.

Crews worked naval exercise joint maneuvering and control detachment of ships in heavy traffic.

Also squad flotilla spent teaching to repel pirate attacks contingent trying to capture the missile ship "Dagestan".
The teaching was of the form of two-way tactical game in which the ship’s crew and a group of frogmen rehearsed the detection and seizure of underwater saboteurs infiltrated by "Dagestan".

The exercise duty manned spacecraft by monitoring tools for underwater conditions was detected approaching a group of saboteurs. The alarm was raised by a group of Marines that carried out the seizure and destruction of saboteurs.

At the next stage of the exercise personnel performed underwater shooting of special weapons for underwater shooting. As an underwater targets were specific growth models depicting a diver.

Carrying out an agreement on the establishment of a unified navigation area on the Caspian Sea, experts Hydrographic Service vessel "GS-194" been refined performance of navigational equipment on the sea area. Was produced as repair faulty buoy carried reconciliation navigation data systems determine where the ship (the ship) derived from satellite navigation systems and stations.

Press service of the Southern Military District

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