ECD-ENERGY reliable supplier of diesel plants and parts

6h number 12/14 and 4h 10.5 / 13

Private enterprise "ECD-Energo" offers cooperation on a mutually beneficial, long-term, contract basis
the supply and repair of diesel generator products of JSC «Yuzhdizelmash"
6h (n) 12/14 and 4h 10.5 / 13
Diesel engines for stationary power units 25,50, 75, and 100 kW;
— main marine diesel engines rated at 25 kW and 60;
diesel engines with a clutch and air-water cooling capacity of 50 kW and 100;
— marine auxiliary diesel generators AC and DC power 25,50 and 75 W;
diesel 115 hp and diesel generators based on them, a 75 kW for driving on rail-mounted cranes;
List of diesel engines:
Diesels are a number of 6h (n) 12/14:
By the M2-159 and K-161 M2, K-169 M2, K-171 M2, K-259 M2, K-264 M2, M2 K-266, K-268 M2, K-270 M2, K-364 M1; By the M2-457 and K-461 M2, K-
462 M2;
By the M2-464 and K-470 M2, K-471 M2, M1 K-564, K-571, M2, K M2-657 and K-661 M2, K-664 M2, K-669 M2, K-763 M2; By the M2-770 and K-771 M2, K-
M2 858, K-958 M2, K-970 M2;
Diesels are a number of 4h 10.5 / 13:
To M1-274, M1-360 K, 562 K-M, K-962 M1; 4DM13M1, K-167, K-364, K-362.
All spare parts for diesel engines 6h (n) 12/14; 4h 10.5 / 13 in stock and on order.
Any form of payment. Shipping to Russia and CIS countries.

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