Echo Musqueam — Reserve not frightened liberoidov.

Today, dear lovers of wildlife, we'll visit a nature reserve protected by the state liberoidov and observe their behavior in their natural habitat. Careful not to scare liberoidov, do not talk, and light lanterns. The animals can not tolerate human speech and of God's light. Be patient, soon your eyes adjust to the darkness …

Minute, and you can already see these extraordinary creatures. Here they are, pressed their backs against the cold damp caves, arches homes. Whistling, which you hear — it's not the sound of wind, it is never — so talk to each other very clever individual liberoidov. Let us quietly get closer and find out what they peresvistyvayutsya.

News: Flood in Japan (Video)





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jurasik: Japan suffering and her wonderful, hard-working narod.Dazhe on these photos can be seen on the high organization of rescue operatsii.Dast God! Japanese people with the right of this misfortune, as he had done many times before.

karelski_otmoroz: And what a striking difference killed in southern Russia and southern Japan. In Japan, no one writes off flood victims to heart attacks and strokes …

blacksquare666Two troubles, two tragedies, and what a striking difference in the actions of the authorities. What else you need to finally understand the people whom he has chosen?

digurit: I missed Shoto. Who chose whom??

pratol: The man who did not share vzlyad current government can call whatever you like. Your arraignment in form but not in substance. And the essence of it is that the criticism of the government-normal and acceptable thing. Moreover, it is to the benefit of power. Mr. Putin would not be the way it is now, if it is not so many years diligently licked. And the same most of all it will be kicking when it will feel slack …. simultaneously licking a new host. In Russian history, such examples as some substance for the bath.

Incognito: And we have the power eats people! Ah-ah-ah-ah-ah!! / /

Do not eat and drown like kittens.

At first blew up, sleeping at night, sleeping at night now drowns.
Soon will probably poison. And people are still indifferent. Probably think that they are not affected.

seulTwenty years of crimes and no end in sight.

vit6031: However, the disaster in Japan, natural origin, but Krymsk flooded man-made!

Incognito: I have no doubt that the residents of Krymsk also cope with their misfortune. / /

Residents, then cope with concerned citizens and the help of God, but the question is, why do we need Tkachev, unable to even inform about the crash, why MOE, by which hope, like a broken tooth, why you need a usurper to the presidency, able only to lie and steal, and nothing else, remains unanswered.

Krymsk residents already know the answer, and the others naively think that their problem will pass.

garinich: In contrast to the Japanese people on the inhabitants of Krymsk struck not only the elements, but also a constant, not a spontaneous, but organized attack — dyaystvo decay and crime mafia officials. Compare the numbers. The scale of the evacuation and the number of victims.

world: That's it, that in Krymsk residents cope that is forces, while Japan is engaged in power))))))))))))

nesoglasnyi_2: Some messages are affected in Krymsk. Could you please tell your friends, do not be silent. Someone else's misfortune can be a disaster for each of us.

Eugene, Zlatoust-Moscow

Hello friends! I write not for the sake of sympathy or in search of what something means. I just want the truth! About the flood, I think, is all heard, but once again not a single word of truth. I do not just want to tell you what's going on. I just scream with rage because Once again the administration Tkachev hid the truth. If anyone has the opportunity to make this information — please help! I live 60 km away. from the Crimean, in the city I live with my aunt two cousins. Yesterday managed to contact them … That's what they told it's just a shock, and not a single word does not coincide with the official records! First notification — they live (or rather lived 30 meters from the fire station) — but even they have not heard speakerphone! My aunt did not sleep all night, Begusha LINE says the head of administration of the Crimean region — nebylo! And to whom it would help at 3 am? 14:44 Now the victim — Which 170 people!!! Such settlements as Bakanka is simply no! A village with a population of about five hundred people just do not! Just yesterday on the most of the Crimean gutters were bodies of the elderly and children. At night, take out bags of corpses Kamaz flights around 300-500 bags per flight! And all this is still in full swing! While only collect the dead in the city, forest and rice system, where it took until the flood or who does not explore! Just on the street where he lived, the elder brother of the houses have taken 73 dead bodies, (brother of the dissected home and helped get the corpses).

People died in his sleep with their families! 73 — RIGHTS ONLY ONE AND ONLY THE STREETS MOST of the Crimean! WHAT CAN BE 170 TOTAL!!!!!!!!!! Now, the truth about the causes of — how much rain! Wave (that wave), wash adobe houses like matchsticks reached — 3-5 meters! Any sane person realizes that the water from the rain is not going wave (I affirm myself as a member of the three floods in the last 10 years). I am sure that the residents Bakanki know the truth — but beyond the Krasnodar region, it will not work. Please, everyone who can spread the truth! We are not waiting for help — we want the truth!


Tatiana Grozav

Marina Knyazev

Today MOE-ship of our city — not slept for several days, dirty, tired — told the terrible truth. Roared all .. What are the 155 people killed?! What is 172?! 4 5 0 0 THOUSAND CORPSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!! According to preliminary data!!!! Innocent children, old people, parents, sisters, brothers — everyone who just slept peacefully in their homes!!!!!!!!!! What is the river which rain?!!!!????? The local authorities had a choice: either to keep the discharge of water from the reservoir on a crowded pipeline (and then it would be an environmental disaster occurred), or .. At the Crimea. No one, probably did not think that the water will go to other cities, like, that got away "at random" as always .. After all the officials and their families were evacuated for 2 hours before the flood!!!!!!! Even Putin, apparently. found out about it is not a CPA

Dhu .. Then the question is: why Tkachev still in place?!!!!!

Water filled the house for 3 minutes! HOW mountain river, whatever it was crowded, such flows can rush?! Where the bodies of children? They are not found in the morgue or in cemeteries! Parents can not find a single dead child!!!!!!

People pay Promises 10000 p only after signing the paper that they have been notified!! NO ONE WAS ADVISED!! No sirens, no radio messages — N-I-W-E-G-Oh!

orderTwo of the world — the two systems: in Japan, the government warned zapranee of adversity and helps those who do not have time to get away from the waves and rain in Russia (Crimea) — the power lies, turn off the radio, refused to pay compensation, assistance is only civil society activists.

And what a joyous title on Russian TV about the flooding in Japan …

No wonder the Russian around the world prezirayut.Zasluzhili (value judgments)

electrofenix: Whose fault that we're used to any land where anything and steal shit under a bush, take her (beat the plate "Russian empire)?

wertr: The Japanese fellows, I noted that at the time of the accident at Fukushima, when postadavshih areas had problems with drinking water and food — not a single shop is not raised prices. As for us in the country to increase the price of buckwheat is 10 times simultaneously — a piece of cake.

In addition, our MOE is not beneficial to prevent catastrophe: given that the meaning of their existence — cut dough allocated to deal with the consequences of disasters. With each disaster, these bitches are getting richer. Built the system in MOE — Shoigu.

pratol: Hey. you … nerd. Unbecoming like this name the country ("dzhapaniya"), in which people died. So can only speak maliciously pathetic bastards. Russia is a country and a country just as Japan.

electrofenix: You're blessed, pasmatri, hopping they drowned men and hopping from us. And cient given their ant population density.

sergeymb: It's frightening to imagine what would have happened to us with such a large-scale disaster. And we can handle, and they will cope. Price will vary only …

m_anuchin: Japan — another country, not authoritarian. Although the emperor is.

Anecdote — we have no emperor — we authoritarian police state, there is the emperor — and this is a democratic country.

niknik: According to Human Resources and voice acting is clear that the size of the floods in Japan is much higher than in Krymsk. But for some reason in Japan is much lower casualties. I'm not saying that. that Japan should be more victims (they are neither in Japan nor we are not wanted), I say — look like they have all the cast, compared to our "rescuers." She is a student must

bobrik: And the evacuation of 400,000 people, this is something out of the category of fiction … This is only by a very organized system.

pratol: This is not the Kuban, where similar downpours are rare and anomalous … / /

Read about the Crimean even in Wikipedia.

And you should first try to convince myself that the municipal authorities in Japan razdolbayskie the same as ours. You can imagine that the prefect in Japan could not afford such rudeness for victims, which demonstrated Tkachev?

sib_ru: Information on the number of flood victims in Japan voiced authority is not questioned, because there is power running to the people, not vice versa, as in Russia …

winsearcher: Immediately apparent differences:

— in Japan in the aftermath of floods are trained and equipped professionals, and we have volunteers;

— warning system is not phony as we have an effective, because actually reduces the number of victims.

misha1: We have zero to evacuate people, killing more than 170. They evacuated the 400tys. man killed 24 people. What's going on?

desaqz: As always.

staruhka99: I do not know … of course … who and what and why then disburse all these stupid comments ….. but anti-people … people … nice people … well, you can not so sadistic daily kicking his people … defending Putin's power!!! Do you really would ever wrote then just about Putin … on its merit … his victories … its good and good deeds! I think … that would be enough to convince … that's so dark …. I citizenesses!! Why write about what something stupid liberlah … what kind of Navalny … something about what — that in general people …. who do not in the government … is not in the Duma, and it does not even work in the district administrations???? What I now have to deal! Write about one of those … depends on whom it is our life!! Cope??? -And then write an ode to them rave!!! And if you can not cope??? Then who scold me? Well, not as Navalny?!!

And yet … about the floods and various natural disasters. I live near the Gulf of Finland, and that's what — that Nachalnichek …. what-what … St. Petersburg bureaucrat thinks he almost God and stop thinking about all these temptations natural and easy money … all sawed in his pocket and not built … it strengthened … and then dumped everything in the nature of a mother! So … I do NOT want to drown! and this is why such state bureaucrats should be shot! That's it!

pratol: Shoot is not necessary. And that will come to power a firing squad. You just have to make sure that we were able to choose

loki_: 400,000 people are evacuated. And how many were evacuated from Krymsk? Yes, no how, "What we had to go to their homes or what?" Tkachev.

fanatoly: A terrible thing. And all this is done one Putin. And the whole Russian people, in your — terpily?

broomm: Do not come, the Russian revival accurately. Kadyrov becomes president — when the rest will fall down to retire and take all Islam.


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