Eco-friendly toothbrushes and toothpaste

Toothpastes and brushes … Not exactly eco-friendly things, if we take into account their production and disposal. Rather, a very environmentally unfriendly, you get to know the truth, from what they are doing, and what damage they cause to the body, especially the children’s. If toothpaste did clean and protect our teeth, as it is said in false advertising, that dentistry does not have flourished with each passing day more elaborate. After the queue in dentistry are not reduced, the number of "plug-Hollywood Smiles" grows, patients are getting younger every year, and dentists richer every time reminding us of the need to use a tooth paste and brush, keeping silent about the poisonous ingredients of toothpaste and how that once, not so long ago, there was no brush, no pastes or dentists themselves, but people die in very old age (out of politeness I will not name the figure because today many do not live) and with healthy, intact teeth . They are, by the way, is still intact — preserved skull, anyone can make (although this is from the forbidden archeology — because someone is unprofitable to disclose such facts.) [Cut] It’s funny, though cry: dead ancestors still intact with teeth, and their living descendants — half toothless, with the remaining half — rotten. Count yourself how much you have filled teeth, what age you are visiting the dentist, and how often do you do it? More often, the fewer teeth you have left, and the more money stays with dentists and corporations.

Herbal, natural food in the form of cheese and whole — that’s your healthy teeth. When you eat only such food, in the morning you wake up with clean teeth and fresh breath. Tested by me and many "herbal raw foodists." Brushes, pastes, and almost all modern hygienic products — it’s about making money on our health and global environmental pollution. Do the math yourself, how many brushes and tubes of toothpaste you’ve used for your life? It’s not enough. And where are they now? The fact that you threw them in the trash, it does not mean that you do not pollute nature. Because of the dumpster they did not evaporate and become fertilizer — they added weight and without that huge and terrible monster, absorbing living, green corners on our Planet, which every day there is less and less. Name this monster MSW — municipal solid waste. Now imagine how much solid waste, including used toothbrushes, empty tubes and other "sanitary waste" is released every day in the world of "civilized" humanity?? Ah, what we are "neat and neat." Only Planet heavily on this our "purity", and if it can be called pure?

By the way, animals do not suffer from tooth decay. Except, of course, those unfortunates who fell to people as pets.

It may seem strange, but a year later, after I stopped using toothpaste, I began to make compliments about my teeth.

And finally, the most important thing. What and how to brush your teeth? Variants environmentally dentifrice is generally much: soda, salt, ash, salt ash. Coals from birch wood perfectly bleached teeth, rinse your mouth only after such cleaning should be especially careful. Rinse your mouth can decoction of herbs — fit chamomile, calendula, oak bark, etc. The toothbrush is easy to replace his fingers or conventional branches from the trees, if they are slightly chewed. All this is available to any resident of the city. Branches can stock up while walking in the park, at least for the year ahead. Oak, by the way, are the best. Funny, unusual, strange? But just brushed our teeth, our ancestors, those who have lived for several hundreds of years in harmony with nature, and whose teeth are still intact. And if someone still funny, please laugh on health. Only where it is, our health? And where teeth too? Again, the dentist left? Healthy children in Russia have less than 5%, and while this figure has not increased, and vice versa … The clientele of dentists from year to year younger. NEW dental business — survey of infants. If it is, as it should, drinking mother’s milk, and the mother is eating the right food, the healthy teeth he provided. The real concern about the teeth — it is not as early as possible "to plant the child to visit the dentist," and lead a lifestyle that very familiar with the dentist does not sostyalos. If you succeed, then you also will make a significant contribution to the purity of our planet.

Draw your own conclusions. Choice also do yourself. We only express our opinion, and offers a solution.

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