ECP: commissioned unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation

JSC "Production Association" Electrochemical Plant " (Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarsk region, part of the Fuel Company of Rosatom "fuel elements") — a uranium enrichment facility. The main product — low-enriched uranium used to fuel nuclear power plants (NPPs).

Used to enrich uranium gas centrifuges. Gas centrifuge technology is recognized as the most effective methods of industrial uranium enrichment. This same technology makes it possible to obtain stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements on an industrial scale.

In the workshop of the chemical treatment "Electrochemical Plant" for the tests included in the operation of the unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation, reported on July 26 ECP.

The decision to conduct the tests upgraded centrifuges at the site of ECP was taken Fuel Company "fuel elements" in August 2011. As explained by the head of department of chemical cleaning Vladislav Krygin have upgraded centrifuges 8th generation "a wider range of a number of operating parameters than those of previous generations of centrifuges." In particular, in summer they can operate at higher temperatures, cooling water, which gives a "significant savings" electricity during operation of refrigerating machines.

For the first time in the course of modernization of basic equipment ECP participated third party suppliers and contractors. "Until now, these works were carried out only units of the company", — said V. Krygin. He also noted that during the modernization of the dismantled machines 7th generation have been used "as a revolving fund for the replacement of defective gas centrifuges at other blocks." In addition, during the pre-commissioning unit upgraded centrifuges 8th generation were tested new methods of operations required to prepare a long-term operation of centrifuges for uranium hexafluoride. "The developed methodology should ensure the efficient and safe performance of start-up operations for the next generation of promising GC", — said V. Krygin.


On the ECP is preparing for the launch of the first block of the ninth generation of centrifuges.

On the Production Association "Electrochemical Plant" is preparing for the launch of the first unit of industrial gas centrifuge new, ninth generation, which is scheduled for later this year. As noted in the ECP July 5, the ninth-generation centrifuges, compared with the first models "are distinguished by nearly ten times the performance." The new machines will replace the fifth-generation centrifuges, which have already exhausted their guaranteed life. The developer of the ninth generation of centrifuges is ZAO "OKB-Nizhny Novgorod." Work on it began in 2003.

At the final stage of a new model for a year and a half was tested on UEIP. According to the adviser ECP Director General for Science and Technology Development Gennady Skorynina, during testing new centrifuges showed "good results." He also explained that the uniqueness of the 9th of the model is that it is the first supercritical Russian centrifuge rotor length. "The complexity of its creation has been associated with the physics of the process — namely, the need to pass to disperse the resonance frequencies, which threatens the destruction of structures", — said Mr. Skorynin, adding that all the machines of previous generations were short subcritical rotor.


About the Company


Open Joint Stock Company "" Electrochemical Plant "- a company of Fuel Company"TVEL"A member of the State Corporation for Nuclear Energy"Rosatom. "

Facility staff is staffed by highly qualified specialists. They serve the most advanced industrial uranium enrichment technology based on the use of gas centrifuges, which, despite all attempts have failed to beat any country in the world.

JSC "PA" Electrochemical Plant ", along with three sister companies — JSC "Angarsk Electrolysis Chemical Plant" (Angarsk, Irkutsk County) JSC "Ural Electrochemical Plant" (Novouralsk, Sverdlovsk region) JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (Seversk, Tomsk Oblast) — defines the leading position of the State Corporation "Rosatom" on the world market for Uranium Enrichment.

In addition to low-enriched uranium, of "" Electrochemical Plant "produces stable and radioactive isotopes various chemical elements, performs storage and processing of depleted uranium hexafluoride (depleted uranium hexafluoride), simultaneously producing Anhydrous hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen fluoride, and also implements a number of other high-tech goods.


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