ECP has shipped the latest platform with uranium program HEU

"ECP" (included in the control loop fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements") was shipped latest platform with low-enriched uranium produced in the framework of the Russian-American program "Megatons to Megawatts" (or "HEU"). Thus ended the 20-year-old for Russia and 17-year-old for the ECP contract for processing of Russian weapons-grade uranium into energy.   

Over the years, the electrochemical plant was redesigned about a third of the 500 tons of highly enriched uranium under the agreement. From this, it received more than 4 million tons of low-enriched uranium overseas took about 2.5 thousand containers. According to unofficial estimates of experts ECP, about three light bulbs in every hundred in the United States are lit by the energy of the uranium processed in Zelenogorsk.

Shipping containers last LEU was held during a special supervisory visit the American side. These visits since 1996 are an integral part of the contract, "the HEU." Over the years, American experts visited the ECP 94 times. The current visit was the second in October, Americans solemnly closed the program in Zelenogorsk.

Today we can say that the ECP, as well as other Russian enterprises, comply with its obligations under the program. Jointly by Russian and American experts managed to smooth out all the rough edges that have arisen in the course of cooperation. So, in addition to material result, the contract has a value in the universal sense — the confrontation has been replaced by the partnership.

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