Ecuador has received two Mi-171E

Russia handed over the land forces of Ecuador two military transport helicopters Mi-171E, reports TSAMTO. Earlier in Russia four Ecuadorian pilots were trained in the management of helicopters. The official value of the contract on which were placed the Mi-171E, was not disclosed. According to unofficial reports, the deal was worth $ 22 million.

The contract to supply helicopters to Ecuador was signed in October 2009. At the request of the Army of Ecuador, on the Mi-171E kits were installed to extinguish fires. Ecuadorian military will use the new helicopters to support operations and humanitarian missions.

Mi-171 is capable of speeds up to 250 kilometers per hour to fly a distance of 650 kilometers. Multi-purpose helicopter can carry up to 23 paratroopers in full gear or four tons of cargo in the hold or on the outside of the suspension. The adoption of Mi-171E adopted Ecuador was timed to the 57th anniversary of the ground forces of the country.

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