Effective technologies of enhanced oil recovery

For enhanced oil recovery specialists of JSC "Tatneft" use modern technology, including enhanced oil recovery using composite systems based on xanthan biopolymer ("Xanthan" technology).

The technology, developed by scientists TatNIPIneft used in the oil fields of the Company at a late stage of development with heterogeneous permeability, and is designed to increase the current oil production by blocking watered areas and redistribution pathways of injected water in reservoir.

These results, oil and gas specialists controls "Tatneft" sought by aligning the heterogeneity of the reservoir, as well as regulation of sweep efficiency and impact of the redistribution of flow through the bed due to the properties of the composite structure on the basis of xanthan biopolymer.

The technological process is carried out by injecting a gel-forming composition of the injection wells, which is a composition based on xanthan exopolysaccharide — microbial origin biopolymer and cross-linking agent.

The main advantages of this technology — the use of solutions and gelling compositions resistant to saline water, shearing, biodegradable. Uploaders xanthan compositions characterized by low filtration resistance when moving in a porous medium until the gel, and after the completion of the gel filtration resistance of the isolated interlayers increases a hundredfold. The low cost of the injection process and the high technological efficiency provide a high return on the use of this development.

An important advantage of the technology, "Xanthan" is both environmentally friendly practices. The polymer produced by biotechnology, has no negative impact on the environment.

Average increase oil production rate from the beginning of the industrial application of the technology — 3 tons / day. The technology increases oil recovery by injection of biopolymer formulations are patented N.2347897, owned by OAO "Tatneft".

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