Egyptian statues scare Norwegian scientists




Ancient Egyptian "Shabtai" — funerary figurines representing servants in the afterlife — cause fear among the staff of the museum Norwegian city of Bergen

According to Professor Henrik von Aken, his colleagues do not like working here at night. In addition, figurines mysteriously shifted in their glass cases.
"They behaved strangely after we removed them from the bench in 2001," — said the museum guard Richard Saur. He first noticed the small stone statues, which should work for the dead, unlike the other exhibits. "They were neatly packed in a box, when we moved them. When we came to work in the morning, they were scattered in all corners, but two Shabtai caught counterfeiting" — said Saur.

"The exhibition was opened in May 2001. Since then, these little figurines have moved, some of them turned 90 degrees. They are in the" cups "made of glass, which are sealed and closed, but you can see the tracks in the dust, — the Saur. — I am a skeptic, but must believe in what I see. I do not understand it. If it is due to shake the floor, as some claim, then why other objects do not move? ".

Professor von Aken did not add anything to reduce the mystery of what is happening. "Someone did and put them in the grave. Now they are extracted from the darkness of burial. What they brought with them? If we were to ask them, you can get the answer that acted magic of this museum," — said Von Aken.

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