Eight nuclear submarines Northwind in early 2018 entered service

Combat strength of the strategic nuclear forces (SNF) of the Russian Federation in 2012, supplemented by two new missile submarine class 955 "Borey" — cruisers "Alexander Nevsky" and "Yuri Dolgoruky". According to sources in the military-industrial complex of Russia, starting next year, to adopt the strategic nuclear forces for six years, will come missile of this project.

The source noted that the 8 "Boreas" to be built on "Sevmash" earlier than planned, which are provided by the state armaments program. All of the major efforts of the shipyard will be targeted specifically at building new missile submarines. Construction of submarines will be held, possibly at the expense of a program to build nuclear submarines of the "Ash". According to the plan, the last of eight "Boreas" will be entered into the strategic nuclear forces in 2018.

The source also said that after successfully complete the state tests, which were conducted in December 2011, SSBN "Yury Dolgoruky" was practically introduced in the strategic nuclear forces of Russia. To formally include "Yury Dolgoruky" in the combat strength of the strategic nuclear forces, it is necessary to solve a technical issue, including the installation of ballistic missile "Bulava", placing food on board, military reserve torpedoes, as well as checking of the components and mechanisms cruiser. Additionally, you must allow the crew of the submarine relax after spending the last year of government ispytaniy.Na resolution of these issues will take a few months after the missile will be released into the sea. During combat patrols he will carry out the tasks of nuclear deterrence, both on the part of the Arctic Ocean, and from the Atlantic Ocean.

On the arms of the Navy of Russia in 2012 received the first nuclear-powered vessel of the same project, "Alexander Nevsky". The same source reported that the nuclear-powered vessel in the last year successfully completed the initial phase of sea trials, and this year is likely to fall, the factory will be completed sea trials. If all goes well, the "Alexander Nevsky" will be put into service.

The source added that if all goes according to plan, the 2013 naval strategic nuclear forces will have a third cruiser "Vladimir Monomakh", and in 2014 — "St. Nicholas." It is planned to "Sevmash" lay the 5th "Northwind", and then every year to lay the cruiser program to re-SNF was completed in 2018.

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