Eight Russian scientists became part of the European Academy

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Eight Russian scientists have been elected a full member of the European Academy (Academia Europaea). Among them, two professors of Department of Chemistry — Eugene Antipov and Arkady Karjakin, famous St. Petersburg physicist Dmitry Deacons, Vice-Director of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna Mikhail Itkis. Also the number of full members included Academicians Valentin Smirnov and Vladimir Zakharov, Deputy Director of the Laboratory of Nuclear Reactions Valery Zagrebaev, Soviet cosmonaut and physician Oleg Atkov. A full list of the new members of the Academy is available on its official website.

"This is an honor, — said in an interview STRF.ru head of the Laboratory of electrochemical methods of the Chemistry Department of Moscow State University Arkady Karjakin. — Not many Russian scientists have come to the European Academy — literally a handful. Me and Eugene Antipov recommend Academy Alexei Khokhlov, Vice-Rector of Moscow State University. In the past year we have provided materials — about scientific articles, citations, etc. That is a brief description of merit. And just recently learned that the two were on the list of full members of the European Academy. "

Interestingly, the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor Karjakin (as, indeed, Antipov) have not been able to get into. Scientists in the department of chemistry once again going to run — put forward their faculty. How successful would be a new attempt, Arkady Karjakin did not want to predict. For him, it will already be the third. Apparently, in Europe, scientists evaluate the merits of a more objective and impartial manner.

Public non-governmental organization European Academy was established in 1988. Its headquarters are in London. The Academy includes sections on all the main sections of the humanities and the natural sciences. To date, the structure of the organization includes 2,300 researchers from 35 European countries. Among them — more than 40 Nobel laureates. Among the full members of the Academy are a lot of Russian scientists, including Academicians Georgi Georgiev, Valery Forts, Vladimir Skulachev, Rector of Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichiy and others. Most domestic researchers is presented in the section of physical and engineering sciences.

The candidacy of a scientist who claims to be part of the European Academy should be offered at least two of its full members, one of whom may be a compatriot of the candidate. The actual procedure of elections in two phases. In this year’s first round was held in Darmstadt, at the section of natural sciences and engineering, the second — in Paris, at a general meeting of the Academy, on September 20.

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