EKObusy of JSC Trolza with a hybrid power plant based on natural gas and electricity

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EKObus from CJSC "Trolza" — An environmentally friendly bus with hybrid power plant that runs on natural gas and electricity. It can be used in cities with trolley movement, but on the routes that ran along the streets where it is impossible to lay trolleybus lines (made possible unification "EKObusa" with trolley). "EKObus" indispensable and in the cities, where the width of city streets can not organize a trolleybus routes, and buses and taxis heavily pollute the environment and are a source of congestion. "EKObus" — an excellent replacement for the bus. Because at the heart of the drive "EKObusa" used electric traction equipment, this transport is also easily and quickly get accustomed to the trolley park and make these businesses more efficiently.

Compressed natural gas is currently the cheapest and the most promising fuel, so the fueling infrastructure continues to expand. In addition, mikroturbogenerator able to work on a wide range of already implemented and future fuels, namely, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane-butane mixture, making it easy to adapt to the bus infrastructure customers. Unlike the diesel engine turbine has an extremely low-noise operation and does not require tinning during the entire lifetime. Resource microturbines to overhaul is 60 thousand hours, greatly reducing maintenance costs compared with a diesel engine and provides a rapid return on EKObusa. Environmental characteristics of the microturbine more than an order of magnitude higher than the characteristics of diesel engines and 6 times the performance of engines on gas, using the exhaust filters and converters.
Electrochemical capacitors are used for energy storage, provide maximum power bus during acceleration, as well as accumulate the energy and regenerative braking. Their choice is also due to maximum efficiency in the charge / discharge cycles, low weight and size parameters, the lack of maintenance over the life of the (reduction of daily cycles, electrolyte maintenance, etc., characteristic of the batteries), high-fire-and-security vyzryvo not characteristic of supercapacitors with organic electrolyte and lithium-ion batteries, as well as a long service life. These qualities along with the maximum energy efficiency, provide a minimum operating cost and easy to service.
The microprocessor control system and drive the turbine makes it possible to achieve the minimum fuel consumption (by 40% compared with buses using a gas engine), as well as the multiplex has a powerful system monitoring and diagnosis.

Bus body TrolZa-5250 is a robust single structure bearing type low-floor and roof reinforcement adapted for mounting the main set of traction electric equipment and the fuel tank. The outer skin of the roof is made of galvanized steel sheet extruded. Ovals roof sheathing boards, mask the front and back parts made of composite materials.

The hybrid traction drive provides a large movement of the city bus route with minimal fuel, noise and emissions of toxic products. The standard motor is asynchronous traction motor, which has low noise and long service life.

Front axle suspension system dependent, pneumatic, with two gas strut-type bag, with two telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and a regulator of body position.
Suspension rear axle dependent, with four air bag gas strut type, with four telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers and two regulators of body position.

Service brake system — mixed, electro-pneumatic.
System — electrodynamic; creates on the traction engine braking torque by, converting kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is absorbed energy storage on the basis of electrochemical capacitors. Pneumatic brake system acts on the drum brakes front and rear driving wheel alignment. Management of the two systems — one pedal. At the beginning of the action takes braking electric braking system, and then in the action is a pneumatic dual-circuit braking system acting separately on the brakes front and rear wheels.
Parking brake acts on the brakes on the drive wheels of batteries, control of pneumatic valve in the cab.

The interior is equipped with modern, comfortable seats, two of which are equipped for people with reduced mobility. These key areas are equipped with audio driver and additional handrails. Seat is made of suede, vinyl leather, cloth, and other suitable material offered by the customer. Hand railings are conveniently located throughout the passenger area, as well as on the wings of doors, providing passengers the opportunity to travel, having a support anywhere in the cabin.
Bus is equipped with a heating liquid heat extraction from the exhaust gas by the heat exchanger. Standard equipped interior has four heater. Heating power of about 35 kWh. The system eliminates fuel consumption for heating the passenger compartment.
Wild-type blower, through the sliding vents and skylights hatches. As an option, provides for installation of air conditioning the passenger compartment. Interior light passenger area is fluorescent fixtures that have modes of complete, partial and emergency lighting.

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