EKTA LED screens at corporate events Hyundai in Monaco

The company carried out a technical support UTRAM corporate events Hyundai Motor Company, setting several EKTA LED screens at three sites in Monaco.

June 10 and 11 EKTA LED screens iLVM 6C models were installed at a private corporate event company Hyundai «2013 Global Distributors Convention», which took place in Monaco. Video projection was carried out with the participation of French partner company EKTA UTRAM.

 During the annual Global Assembly distributors Hyundai awarded top regional representatives of the company. For example, in 2013 the company was named Global Engines best distributor in Africa.

Coordinated the event the companyLIFEPLUS Monaco, a major player in the market event-services in Monaco, France and Switzerland. EKTA LED screens, whose work has been highly appreciated by the customer, have been provided by the companies and UTRAM EKTARENT.

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