Elanskii MASLOSYRKOMBINAT (Volgograd region). Increasing production

JSC "Elanskii MASLOSYRKOMBINAT" — SFD’s largest plant for the production of a variety of cheeses, butter and whey milk. The company operates since 1967. Its products are in great demand not only the residents of the Volgograd region, but Rostov, Saratov, Penza and many other Russian regions.

In recent years, the "Company Foodland", which owns the plant, conducted a large-scale reconstruction of the main production. Previously, the maximum amount of milk per day was 250 tons, after the upgrade — 420 tons. Much attention is paid to the expansion of resource zone.

Work Elan factory allows you to increase milk production in the region. One of the major problems that now confronts the Volgograd region — an increase in the number of cattle. In the next three to four years, will get rid of the milk procurement in other regions of Russia and the indigenous production of this product in the required quantities.


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