Elecard and Megafon have developed a device for ordering and payment of public services through the TV

Tomsk on July 5. Tomsk innovative company with Elecard of "Megafon" introduced the project "Public services on a TV" in the State Duma of the Russian Federation at the exhibition "Innovative solutions and services to companies, mobile operators," said the head of the development department Elecard Nicholas Milovanov.

According to the company, the development of "Home Infokommunikator" is a device with installed software that is using the TV as a monitor, provides access to the portal of public services. Use the menus and enter data when receiving public services can use the remote or keyboard.

In addition, the device is equipped with a card reader that reads information from payment cards as a cash machine. Thus, with the help of "Home Infokommunikatora" will be home to pay fees, fines and utility bills.

Internet set-top box provides a SIM-card. Developed in conjunction with OJSC "MegaFon" Technology One Time Password (OTP) protects information that is found when using the resource.

Development operates within the framework of federal programs now being implemented "e-Government" and "Universal Electronic Card" and allows you to use a digital signature (digital signature).

This joint solution has been developed in the framework of the Strategy of Information Society Development in the Russian Federation, as well as in the framework of the program "Electronic Russia" in the interest of information and secure access to public services for all citizens.

Development of the Russian company Home Infokommunikator Elecard is designed to receive digital broadcast television and can be used as a domestic payment terminal for payment of utility and other services, as well as access to the centers of government services on the Internet.

Integration of Home Infokommunikator of Elecard and OTP technology company "MegaFon" to provide the user a high quality, safe and reliable channel for access to all available public services, and also makes it possible to carry out any transactions with a high degree of protection of personal data and privacy, the relevant requirements of the EDS ( electronic digital signature).

Information and safe access is provided by user authentication using one-time passwords (Technology One Time Password — OTP), generated by the program, hosted by Sim-card Cell Phone (sold "MegaFon" in cooperation with the Russian company "Demos").

With the help of Home Infokommunikatora user gets access to the menu, "Public Services" and "Payments" on the TV screen. Presented "MegaFon" OTP technology provides two ways to get one-time passwords for users via SMS and via independent generation on SIM-card.

User through the SIM-menu activates the software (applet) on the SIM-card mobile phone generates a one-time six-digit password, enters it on the Home Infokommunikatore and gains access to the requested resource.

High security allows access to advanced complex of state services and payments for any user in any region of the country. Thus, the population will have equal access to information and technology, despite the long distance and remoteness from the central region.

Users can not worry about the risk of cracking the password, as a one-time password is valid for a limited period of time, can not be re-used and has no meaning without the knowledge of the individual PIN-code, in case you lose your mobile phone mobile operator blocks the SIM-card that makes it impossible to generate one-time passwords unauthorized person.

"The demonstration of collaborative technologies OJSC" MegaFon "and the company Elecard — OTP (one time password) showed the possibility of public access to government services through the TV with the certificate signature using any mobile phone operator" MegaFon ". This versatile solution enables today to use all the available range of public services with certified protection from home through home TV "- said Vice President of Strategic Development and External Relations Group Elecard Constantine Belyakov.

Thus, the successful integration of the development of the companies and Elecard "MegaFon" has opened new opportunities for users and prospects for the use of all the usual TV, through which innovation can step into every home.

About Elecard

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The company also offers basic technical as well as complete solutions for the professional market of digital TV broadcasting, which includes streaming, transcoding and video-on-demand (VOD) servers.

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