Elecard company and NIIR lay the foundations for the ‘Hybrid Television


Elecard Company announced the successful completion of the final stage of testing technologies Information Management System (IMS) at the current layout with the use of a transmitter MARCH. According to forecasts, this system will become the world’s first solution that combines cable networks and digital data network.

Testing was conducted in a live environment in a hybrid DVB-T2 standard using a dozen different set-top boxes and televisions. This stage was preceded by long refinement of technology ISC emulated devices and hybrid Internet-cable environment, as well as training on the current layout using a digital transmitter of the St. Petersburg company "MART" in a hybrid environment in the standards of DVB-T and DVB-T2.

All participants experienced the broadcast zone in Tomsk expressed willingness to work on the project MIS in the future, an innovative design and great prospects of hybrid television in Russia.

At the conclusion of experiments, one of the sponsors Saryan, VK, National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Armenia, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Director of Scientific — Educational Center Research Institute of Radio, summarizing and discussing the plans for the future development of the ISC, said: "The experiment which was successfully completed in Tomsk, on the eve of the New Year holiday is, in our opinion, very important for the development of digital television, and not just in our country.

This experiment allowed as a glimpse into the future of digital television — while full convergence of digital TV distribution networks and data networks. For the first time in the world on the basis of the converged network, created widespread mass information and management network (MIUS), which would allow access of any subscriber DTV to a wide range of ICT services. In fact, in Tomsk was first shown a hybrid TV system, of which the leading countries are just beginning to think about. Thus, Tomsk is not the first time in the history of our country is in front of the planet. "

The academician also said that the layout of the network created to demonstrate another important advantage MIUS — the possibility of forming its basis a trusted environment, which is critical to the effective functioning of government and commercial services. At the conclusion of his speech, VK Saryan said: "Now, after the completion of the first stage, it was clear not only to us, authors and developers that the widespread introduction of MIUS allow our country to make a significant step in building the information society."

Commenting on the prospects of development of MIS systems, Belyakov KO, Vice President of Strategic Development Group Elecard, said: "We live in an active phase of development of information technology and the development of the information society. Trust Issues to information flows are becoming more relevant, information technology has become a powerful tool in building and in achieving selfish ends.

The successful experiment of building information management networks in Tomsk — a good example, when the main is the solution of social problems for the population, and IT-technology is only effective tool for the solution.

MIS in Tomsk — a new look at the use of convergent media using the certifying center for the creation of a "Trusted information zones" for the population. With the help of MIS can be created to solve a number of important government social problems, to provide ubiquitous access of the population to the nomenclature of information services.

At present the company and Elecard NIIR with partners continues to work on improving the system and MIS is preparing technical documentation, which will use the results of the tests’ Hybrid TV "on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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