Electric beam through the darkness of millennia



Electric beam through the darkness of millennia
19.11.03, the


When Howard Carter's archeological expedition finally reached the burial chamber of Tutankhamun, the scientists were amazed not only treasures intact tombs, but also the beautiful murals that decorate it. The complete absence of traces of smoke from the torches on the bright paintings of researchers has set a logical question: What is the coverage of his "job" old masters, painting is applied on crude plaster? After all, these figures are deep in solid rock monolith of the Valley of the Kings. It is quite obvious that the artists work in the dark could not … And to prove the impossibility of lighting the burial chamber with the help of mirrors, as well as the absence of the slightest trace of soot on the ceiling and the walls gave grounds put forward almost unbelievable about lighting the burial chamber of Tutankhamun … electric lamps.

It is interesting that the Holy Avtustin (354-450 years. BCE) in one of his works, describes the amazing lamp in the temple of Isis, which were unable to put out the "wind or water." Plutarch also writes about a lamp that burned at the entrance to the temple of the god Amon-Ra. "The priests of the temple say that she does not go out anymore … a few centuries."

All this — the more recent literature. And are there any tangible evidence (other than the lack of soot in the tombs) that the ancient inhabitants "That Mary" were acquainted with electricity?

Here is what the German electrical engineer R.Habbek: "In October 1979, our group of five people explored the temple of the goddess Hathor in Dendera. On the walls are long and narrow (4, 6×1, 12m) rooms, premises considered a cult classic, we examined some very interesting unusual reliefs. One of them was particularly interested in us. On this wall are clearly visible figures of people, and next to them — a giant bulb, similar to the modern incandescent lamp. Inside "lamp" shows "undulating snake." Maybe it symbolic of the filament? .. Acute snake tails are included in the "Lotus Flower." It does not take even a minimum of imagination to see in the "lotus", covering the narrow part of the transparent bulb, ordinary electric socket or lamp base. relief as shown on the original cable connecting the device to the box, like our distribution board. Near figure demon holding two knives, blades up — a symbol of protection. And because we know that working with electricity is dangerous — this demon can be a warning (like a modern skull and crossbones) .

These reliefs were first discovered french explorer Auguste Mariette, who examined them at the end of the sixties. However decipher hieroglyphics carved next to the mysterious images, Mariette was never able to …

One of the foremost experts in the field of electrical engineering V.Harn myst stated that the so-nahyvaemye "Jed pillars" on which they rest "transparent flask with snakes," is very similar to modern high-voltage insulators. In this case, the "snake" should depict spiral gazosvetovoy discharge under high voltage break away from the petals of "Lotus Flower". To all true picture, you had to have a minimum of at least a basic knowledge of electrical engineering.

Similar to the electrical connecting cables, clearly visible on the reliefs of the temple of the goddess Hathor, are included in any "boxes" such as switchboards or, more likely, generators of electric current.

V.Harn believes that the priests had at their disposal something like the Van de Graaff generator, which receives electrical discharges on an isolated strip and accumulate in the area, which is constantly being charged and is under high stress. With such primitive generators can easily pull in a few hundred thousand volts!

V.Harnu able to reconstruct a working model of such a generator, giving the arc, accompanied by an intense glow. Talking about his experiences, he wrote: "If the air is pumped out of a glass bulb with two metal rods inside, the electrical discharge occurs at a much lower voltage. At a pressure of 40 millimeters of mercury from one of the thread rod slips discharge, accompanied by luminescence. Continuing evacuate, the discharge becomes wider until it fills all available space flask. All this is fully consistent with the relief in the temple of Hathor … "

















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