Electric Ekaterinburg go to series

As the official site of the plant, company "Ural Locomotives" (Upper Pyshma, Sverdlovsk region) confirmed the right of serial production of the main cargo electric "SINARA" (2ES6 Series) with commutator motor drive.

Interdepartmental Committee (IDC), which included representatives of Railways, "Ural Locomotives’ and suppliers of standard equipment, recognized the successful qualification and certification testing of electric 2ES6 the pilot in the suburban ring VNIIZhT Sherbinka. According to the testimony of tests of design and technological documentation for the electric "SINARA" 2ES6 series with the collector traction drive letter is assigned to the "A", confirming the readiness of the industrial complex of the plant "Ural Locomotives" to the mass production of cars.

A prototype of the main cargo electric "SINARA" (2ES6 Series) was released in December 2006. In 2008 the plant started producing the initial batch of locomotives, in which to date produced 83 electric locomotives "SINARA" that operated in the Sverdlovsk railway.

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