Electric locomotive Granite has successfully train weighing 9 tons of Trans-Siberian

Electric locomotive "Granite" series 2ES10 successfully led the heavier trains on the Trans-Siberian Railway, said the group "Ekaterinburg".
Photo source:sinara-group.com

On December 13-14, the first trip to the composition of a three-section electric locomotive 9 thousand tons in order to assess the operating conditions and the definition of Trans-Siberian railway infrastructure readiness for driving heavy trains.

"Granite" has successfully overcome Kamensk-route — Sedelnikovo — Balezino and in accordance with the schedule of the Kuzbass coal delivered to the destination. Overcome 700 kilometers different complex profile with lots of curves, which create additional resistance to the movement of freight trains, frequent and long ascents, so before such heavy compositions are never walked.

With the use of "Granite" an opportunity to conduct heavyweights without breaking the weight and changing of the locomotive, which reduces transportation costs and increase the capacity of the railways. Today JSC "Russian Railways" transferred 10 electric locomotives 2ES10. In the operation of "Granite" confidently confirms the alleged possibility. Its design features provided him with the power of 50% greater than that of electric locomotives VL11.

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