Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Electro-technology for pharmaceutical production.

Company Membranines Tehnologios more than 15 years of experience in matters of innovative use electromembrane (electrodialysis) equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry. In particular, in 1996, specialists have proposed a method for preparing 3 — (2,2,2-trimethylhydrazinium) propionate dihydrate with the method of electrodialysis. Electrodialysis process was carried out in a specially designed apparatus in which the circulating solution of 3 — (2,2,2-trimetigidraziny) methyl propionate bromide, alkali, and distilled water. A solution of starting material was subjected to alkaline hydrolysis efficiently, bromine ion is removed to form NaBr. The proposed method, tested on PAT Grindeks, Latvia, possible to simplify the production process flow mildronata substance, increase product yield and the degree of purification, reduce cycle time, reduce labor and energy costs. The pilot plant were carefully studied the main parameters of the process. Based on the results of pilot operation in 2001 was designed, manufactured and delivered the first electrodialysis unique setting with the device Edam-30M for industrial production scheme of the drug mildronat.

Moreover, the processed solution feedstock typically contains inorganic extraneous impurities that enter into solution probably during the initial processing of the original salt and generally impair product quality. Company Membranines Tehnologios were developed electrodialysis plant EDUM-2 as a second stage electrodialysis treatment. The quality of the products obtained after processing the second stage can serve liquor directly to obtain technical mildronata, which further reduces the processing time of the product and the cost of production.

Over the past 10 years on the orders of pharmaceutical companies manufactured, supplied and commissioned more complex equipment for the production of pharmaceuticals with improved electrodialysis, also consisting of two stages — with the apparatus of EMA-90 for the first stage and apparatus EMA-30/2 module for the second stage processing. Performance delivered electromembrane equipment can be arbitrary. Available experience: manufactured complexes range from 0.5-1.0 up to 20 tons / year and above. Since 2007, there was a positive experience of the equipment during processing and also 3 — (2,2,2-trimetigidraziny) and methylene iodide, methyl propionate production meldoniya. It should be stressed that due to structural changes in the devices and the application of new advanced materials, technical product output increased to 52-54%, in contrast to the 35-37% obtained previously. Further processing, usually requires a crystallization and washing, which is obtained as a result of pharmaceutical grade product. Long enough practical experience electromembrane equipment in this area on an industrial scale has proven its effectiveness, efficiency, ease of operation and maintenance, there is no need for additional reagents for the process, which, combined with the compact size and ability to clock operation suggests that the uniqueness of his .

In 2003-2004, on the instructions of Russian pharmaceutical producers in the Company Membranines Tehnologios developed and is currently being produced compact universal electro experimental laboratory setting UOLEMU, has found application as universities, research organizations, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories, and other various industries for the development of the technology and production of drugs and wastewater, remove the inorganic salts and concentrating the organic solution.

Industrial use is made of integrated systems — electromembrane distillers EMD in combination with elektrodeionizatorami EDI glubokoobessolennuyu to effectively produce the required water quality, including — for infusion solutions. The equipment supplied maloenergozatratnoe, simple to operate and maintain, compact (modular), and any performance.



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