Electronic School of Primorye recommended for replication in other regions

In the pilot portal "e-school Primorye" about 240 thousand users. In total, from 2011 to the system in the Primorsky Krai connected 570 schools registered about 114 thousand students, 109 parents and 16 thousand thousand teachers.

The system of "Education Web 2.0» developed by "Institute for Information Systems." The company "LANIT DV" was one of the first service providers to introduce it at the regional level, making placement of automated information systems at its facilities to meet the requirements of legislation to provide state and municipal services and the protection of personal data.

A system of "Education Web 2.0» tested experts on the display stand Foundation packaged information systems. Experts have studied the capabilities of the system, conducted its technical and technological assessment, the product has been tested for compliance with regulatory requirements. The testing system has been praised Council of Chief Designers informatization of Russian regions. The Council recommended that "Education Web 2.0» for distribution in other regions of Russia and issued a certificate.

Portal "e-school Primorye" allows you to receive government services in the field of education in electronic form. The administration of educational institutions and education authorities can use analytical tools. The portal provides "electronic diary" and "Electronic Journal." With it you can generate summary reports for the users of the system, to inform parents of student progress through SMS-messages and e-mails. All participants in the educational process have the opportunity to use the services of the social safety net. Version of Maritime also has a pre-school education, through which parents can enroll their child in the electronic-queue in kindergarten.

The project resulted in the Primorye Territory has created a platform for combining basic levels of education in the province. The company "LANIT DV" was organized by the training of teachers and specialists use the portal. In addition, during the development of the portal company "LANIT DV" will be added modules such as "University" and "Additional education."

More details about the system: dnevniki.shkolapk.ru

The Council of Chief Designers Information Regions of the Russian Federation

Council of Chief Designers Information Regions of the Russian Federation since 1995 on the basis of Federal State Unitary Enterprise "All-Russian Research Institute of Computer Science and Information" (VNIIPVTI). The Council is a collegial expert advisory body working under the Council for regional information. The Board performs the basic task of organizing and carrying out measures to ensure the organizational and technical, scientific and methodological support to the Council’s regional information. Also monitors regional and municipal information systems in order to assess the state of scientific and technical level and performs analysis and dissemination of best practices for the use of information systems and information technology, is organizing a comprehensive examination and analysis of the application of effective information systems and solutions. The Board, as a rule, composed of the heads of Commissioners in the field of information government bodies of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Regional Development of the Russian Federation and the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

About the group CHEEKS

CHEEKS — "Laboratory of New Information Technologies" — the leading Russian and CIS multidisciplinary group of IT companies. Group companies provide a full range of IT services, the number of which is steadily increasing due to the development of advanced and most popular technologies and solutions.

Today LANIT is Russia’s largest system integrator and a leading partner to more than 200 major international manufacturers of equipment and software solutions in the field of high technologies. In enterprises CHEEKS works stable and highly professional team total of more than 5,000 people. Many staff members have advanced degrees. More than 1,000 professionals certified by the world’s leading vendors of high-tech equipment and software.


CHEEKS ET — "Laboratory of Computer Science of the Far East" — operates in the market of computer, networking, telecommunications and information technology since 1996. The company is a leading systems integrator, implementing complex solutions in the field of IT. Project experience of the company is used in the largest organizations in the field of public administration edge, education, medicine, banking and financial industries, manufacturing, and trade.

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