Electrotyazhmash concluded the test engine to mine the VM Bazhanov

The plant "Electrotyazhmash" completed test engine P2SH 1000-100 UHL4 to drive the car on the lift shaft of the VM Bazhanov (PO "Makeevugol").


The contract for the production of the equipment was signed in April 2013. The production unit lasted 5 months.

Power output is 1000/1450 kW, rotational speed 100 rev / min. The uniqueness of the machine is that it is mounted on a special tower, whose height is 100 m This arrangement lets you save resources.

"Ship to finished engine we plan at the end of October this year. Equipment for the Bazhanov mine winders, our company manufactures and supplies since the Soviet times, "- said the director of" Electrotyazhmash "Vladimir Glushakov.

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