Electrotyazhmash developing new areas of traction electric machine in Ukraine

The State Enterprise Plant "Electrotyazhmash" explores new directions of traction electric machine in Ukraine on orders of Ukrainian railways and ZAO "Transmashholding".

At the end of 2011 SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" put on the bank "LuganskTeplovoz" first samples A723MU2 traction units, consisting of the main generator power and 2,950 kW auxiliary generator for powering the drive and auxiliary diesel 2TE116UD.

With the participation of experts SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" performed docking unit A723MU2 number 01 with diesel GEVO-12 production of GE Transportation (USA). In March 2012, the first locomotive 2TE116UD with our units A723MU2 must enter the rheostat and trainsets test. Provided that the bank "LuganskTeplovoz" hold certification in the first half of the locomotive to the end of the year can be supplied up to 20 pcs. A723MU2 units for the manufacture of locomotives 2T E116UD by OAO "Russian Railways".

In February 2012, on the SE plant "Electrotyazhmash" organized work for acceptance testing kit traction electric diesel train DEL-02 on stand number 005 Division 302/218. The set includes AD906U1 traction induction motors, the controller driver CMB-3001U3, the inverter production of "converter" (Zaporozhye), control units produced by "Telsis" (Severodonetsk). This work is carried out on the instructions of Ukrainian railways and aims to minimize the adjustment trials diesel train on the rheostat PJSC "LuganskTeplovoz." Obtained funding for the organization of these tests create jobs (stand), which for a rapid return, will go on a complete supply of waste equipment at the stand at the level of the leading manufacturers: Siemens, Alstom, Bombardier, thus increasing the competitiveness of Ukrainian machine-building complex.

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