Electrotyazhmash received billions of dollars in orders for traction motor

SOE "Plant" Electrotyazhmash "(Kharkov) has received orders in 2012 to manufacture traction motors for a total of 1 billion 200 million UAH. Told the "SQ" Acting plant director Vladimir Glushakov. According to him, it is expected that the volume of orders will be increased due to new orders from Russia. "Electrotyazhmash" provides 80% of the needs of Russia in the supply of traction motors for electric and diesel locomotives. The plant also supplies every month 102 engine Lugansk Locomotive Plant.

As noted V.Glushakov, "Electrotyazhmash" resumed the production of large electrical machines, mostly — mine hoists. In the years of the Soviet Union the main producer of this production was the Kharkov Electromechanical Plant (KHEMZ). Now, due to the fact that KHEMZ sharply reduced production volumes, "Electrotyazhmash" increased production of large electrical machines of 4-5. Also, the plant is preparing documentation and pilot batch samples of new electric motors for the subway cars that will be produced in Russia (Moscow and St. Petersburg).


Help "SQ". "Electrotyazhmash" produces generators for nuclear power plants, hydroelectric and thermal power plants, as well as traction motors and generators for locomotives and mine hoists.

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