Electrotyazhmash won tenders to supply equipment for traction locomotives Transsib

SOE "Plant" Electrotyazhmash "(Kharkov) won tenders to supply equipment for traction locomotives, which will operate on the Trans-Siberian Railway. It was reported "SQ" in the factory. In 2011, Russia had put a few samples of traction equipment, which were tested at the Trans-Siberian Railway, along with the equipment manufacturer United States and China. According to the test results were selected equipment "Electrotyazhmash."

As noted in the factory, on the highway very difficult conditions — temperature changes, ups and downs, in addition, go heavy on her compositions. Plant designers have taken into account these features, allowing to beat the competition. 

The plant reported that in addition to this order, signed contracts to supply traction equipment in Tajikistan and Mongolia. In addition, it is planned that the second quarter of 2012 dramatically increased the volume of orders for the traction equipment for diesel from Russia (by 30-35%).

Help "SQ". Competition in the supply of traction equipment for locomotives in Russia in the European part of the "Elektrovazhmash" are producers from Germany, Siberia — China.

Locomotives for Russian Railways produce Kolomna, Bryansk and the Ural factories and Lugansk Locomotive Plant. The most powerful of them — the Urals.

"Electrotyazhmash" provides 80% of the needs of Russia in the supply of traction motors for electric and diesel locomotives. The plant also produces generators for nuclear power plants, hydroelectric and thermal power plants.

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