Electrozavod shipped transformers cosmodrome Plesetsk

Holding company "Electrozavod" has shipped two transformers that will be installed at the facilities of power supply cosmodrome "Plesetsk", the press service of the company "Electrozavod."

Transformers are designed and manufactured at the production complex of the holding company "Electrozavod" in Moscow. Technical parameters, reliability, ease of installation and operation they conform to national and international standards, the report said.

Activities for technological improvement of power cosmodrome "Plesetsk" provides targeted program of Russian space centers, 2006-2015. The first phase of expanding the Baikonur launch pad is scheduled to be introduced in 2011. Completion of connecting all the facilities planned in 2012, said the press service.

Constantly updated and modernized technical and powerful industrial base enterprises of the holding company "ELEKTROZAVOD" guarantees the development and production of high-quality modern transformer and reactor equipment throughout the range of powers and voltages, as well as in the quantities required for the implementation of the investment program of Russian energy and to replace old, worn-out out equipment at the network facilities, the company reported.

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