Elektrosevkavmontazh Corporation has opened a unique hot-dip galvanizing plant

In Krasnodar, launched the beginning of the industrial production of galvanized metal corporation "Elektrosevkavmontazh."

With the opening of a new shop around the clock Corporation will issue 12 tons of galvanized metal for various metal heat and power, providing for the needs of the region and many of the subjects of the country. Investment volume: more than 300 million rubles.   Here, in a solemn ceremony opened shop hot-dip galvanizing. Start gave the mayor a special joystick setting in motion an important stage of the production line of the galvanizing metal.

— The opening of the new shop corporation — the first "swallow" a large-scale upgrade of production capacity of the plant, total production capacity of the city. The new shop is a fine gift for your loved the city on the eve of his birthday, — the mayor addressed the gathering.

More than 300 million rubles of investment funds invested in the opening of a new production, 160 of them went on the purchase of high-tech equipment. How to tell the experts, the special anti-corrosion coating, which is applied to the metal in the new shop, half a century before lengthen their lifespan. On this day, Vladimir Evlanov examined treatment plant hot-dip galvanizing line. Casting a hot zinc — enough hazardous industry, so to completely remove the negative impact on the environment, there are special powerful cleaning filters. Talked to the mayor and to the workers. He congratulated them on the opening of a new shop and substantively questioned them about the level of wages and chamber conditions. It was found that the mood of the people is good, and with the opening of a new production specialists pin their hopes for better working conditions. The workers asked the Mayor to help improve transportation, to change the traffic pattern in the area of the railway crossing, so as not to stand too long in "traffic jams". The mayor promised to help in the development of infrastructure adjacent to the plant site.

— Krasnodar is banking on the development of the industry. We are completing the design of the Eastern and Western industrial zones. There will accommodate more than a hundred productions. And that means — new jobs, stable tax revenues to the budget, a decent salary of our citizens, said the mayor and wished to increase its plant, and workers — the welfare and prosperity.

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