Elektrotraktor becomes reality

The Russian company MOBEL (Moscow), specializing in the development and introduction of projects to build electric means of public, private and commercial vehicles, as well as certain types of agricultural machinery, held in various cities of Russia presentation prospective elektrotraktora, constructed on the basis of a popular model among the villagers of "Belarus-920" with the wheel formula 4 × 4.
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According to the developers, the emergence of cost-effective, environmentally friendly and noiseless universal machines in agriculture would lead to significant economic benefits, improve product quality, facilitate the work of operators. New product eliminates the emission of harmful substances into the field on the crops, eliminates the need for oil storage, reduces the amount of equipment maintenance, fundamentally solve the problem of theft of petroleum products.

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Calculations show that elektrotraktor provide five-to seven-fold savings in energy costs and maintenance. Cost of ownership elektrotraktorom ultimately did not increase in comparison with the cost of owning a diesel tractor. By the way, the electric tractor will also be beneficial to use in the field of housing, airports, as in-plant towing, etc.

The source of energy demonstrated tractors are Li-ion batteries with a capacity 56 kWh production of the Chinese company Thunder Sky Batteries. By the end of 2011 their production due to start in Novosibirsk, the world’s largest enterprise of a similar profile, LLC "Liotech." The current from the battery pack powers the Italian motor 60 kW (81 hp.)., With a safety factor of 15% torque and maximum torque value of 250 Nm at 2200 r / min. Operating voltage 300 V motor to the tractor kept synchronized gearbox. Duration of the tractor after charging the battery — 4 hours, while fast charging — 30 minutes.

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On the cab roof-mounted solar panels, providing independent auxiliary equipment (LED lighting, air conditioning, etc.). Battery life is defined in the 1500 cycles.

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Currently experienced elektrotraktory tested. After certification, the company MOBEL organize their production in the city of Perm in the shops of JSC "Electric Company". Component suppliers will Minsk Tractor Works, LLC "Liotech" and one of California’s businesses, which at first is to supply electric motors. In the future of electric motors will be established in Russia in the company of "fuel elements" of the corporation "Rosatom".

Source: official blog of POWER Group — parent company MOBEL — rusipower.wordpress.com. Link to original photo

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