Elektrouchastok assembly facility modernized at Kurgan Machine-Building Plant

December 4 Kurganmashzavod after reconstruction started in operation elektroradiooborudovaniya site assembly and commissioning of production (MOP). 

The purpose of the reconstruction project — the separation of technological conversion — procuring and wiring (assembly) as well as training areas for promising products. In addition, it will greatly improve productivity and product quality. Now harvesting operations and assembly of finished products are focused on different floors of an office building.

On the "new" areas equipped with 27 stationary jobs secured orgostanstkoy ergonomic and modern tool for electrical work — manufacture of cable products, shields the driver, control units, etc. The collective land itself was involved in the development of everything desktops. As a result, everything is made as convenient as possible for the manufacturing operations.

As part of the reconstruction of a major overhaul of the room. The interior is designed in purples and pinks, which should benefit the working environment, as the team size of 90 female. Create a cozy and pleasing to the eye glass shelving with lighting, which are arranged fresh flowers.

Reconstruction of the elektroradiooborudovaniya assembly and commissioning of production — the next stage of the large-scale work carried out in this division — said the head of the GRU Eugene Rozhin. — There is still a lot of interesting ideas to improve the culture of production and implementation of the "Lean Production" at the company.

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