Elephant drove through the streets of …

"That's just me and the spirit of the sets,
What I absolutely without a fight,
I can get a huge badass.
May the dogs they say:
"Aw, Pug! know it is strong,
What is barking at the elephant! "
Ivan A. Krylov

Barely a couple of months in the moment when a new Lithuanian salting took office, he has already decided what it is, take the bull by the horns. Renatas Norkus said Vilnius expresses extreme concern that our homeland is increasing its military power in a particular vicinity of the Lithuanian border. Salting of Lithuania said that his country is "closely monitoring" for the way the situation is developing in Russia, including those with inflated funding the defense department Russian Federation. Renatas Norkus and concerned officials of the country, whose interests he represents in Russia, besides the fact that Moscow, he said, violates the measures taken by the European Union to strengthen security in Europe, and, in general, do not trust the OSCE.

Yes, of course, sir Norkus apparently swallowed a lot of Russian air of freedom that blows from the streets and avenues in the near future, so I decided to play the role of a accuser "terrible Russian intentions." Apparently, the European Union, led by the most well-versed in European security affairs chief Catherine Ashton, specifically delegated to Lithuania to speak with a storm of criticism in the address of. Say, Moscow at your borders is going to roll out their "Iskander" and conduct large-scale exercises — for you, gentlemen, Lithuanians, and the cards. You — say, as we sit in his Brussels and we'll see how Lithuania managed to merge into a single thought-place in Europe.

In this case, the Ambassador Norkus is even possible to realize — not so much for himself a man tries, but for those with whose fall to the table something for malehankih, but very proud of the Republic of Lithuania.

And now touch upon the question of why the Lithuanian salting in RF Sovereign Norkus decided to declare themselves publicly specifically at the moment. And the explanation of the excess activity ambassador may look properly followed. Lithuania, and precisely those who are invited Lithuania to declare the "misconduct" of, convinced that the need to "strike while the iron is hot." Turning their TV sets tuned to CNN and other waves the most impartial of global channels, Europeans have seen, both in the streets and squares of the cities Russian Federation rippling waves of protest rallies. And this pattern has worked in the direction that the bureaucrats who are on the side of the stockade European missile defense, suddenly decided that now's the time to press on to the political control of. Say, for most of these protest waves, you see, and we'll get some prizes in the form of new obligations of the Russian Federation concerning disarmament, non-proliferation and the rest of what in Europe is called "right action" on the part of Moscow. Japan won the islands laid eyes again, and Europe, look, again, will force Russia to withdraw its main forces away — beyond the Urals.

Of course, the sovereign Norkus and his employers are waiting for positive responses to the questions from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, giving him a chance to show their typical 'commitment to European values. " But personally responsible for Ambassador Norkus Russian Foreign Ministry will look very undignified moment. After all, in this big game of the West with Russian Lithuanian salting — is something to that account, and then pay — for themselves more. But the diplomatic status of the support, of course, have to, and maybe we'll hear recently that about thinking in the Russian Foreign Ministry.

It should be recalled that the Balts began to move to the same after the South American military said that a number of the Star-Spangled troops in Europe will be significantly reduced. As these applications have gained ears the favorites of the Baltic states, these little places favorites for themselves not found: "Who are you to us, darlings …" She even had the head of the Pentagon to act and reassure presidents-independent Baltic states: do not be afraid of Russian, we will create everything for you to continue to revel in their own freedom and independence.

But for some reason or salting Norkus nor other intrigued by the challenge to Russia's own military units of the Kaliningrad region, did not show the same claims his Washington staff when they wanted to expand and strengthen their defense positions. For some reason does not appear in Vilnius questions about the security of Lithuania, where an agreement was reached missile defense radars with the Polish authorities. If Europe really does not see the enemy in Russia, continuing to furnish our country for its interceptor missiles, we are fully able to allow its territory for themselves adequate steps — in a friendly way. Must again be distinguished: on its own, sovereign Norkus, countryside! Debt, as they say, good turn deserves another, and our home was used to give his debts.

No, well worthy of the attention of those Lithuanians! Sami joined NATO, for any occasion in a comfortable way RF threaten with a small cam strive, to the same desire, that of Moscow's no retaliatory measures were taken. The Holy Church … It's still easy to let Lithuania thank you pronounce that our homeland for themselves do not cut through the corridor, so without any impediments to join its Kaliningrad Region with the "mainland." And that joke to say to get out of in the Russian Lithuanian authorities have also require a visa! Maybe we, salting Norkus, also take off one's shoes upon arrival in your part beyond the government? ..

And in fact try to respond poorly to the world not to the extent of each of the active ambassador — this thing is obvious nepriznatelnoe. Now the 1st ambassador to please, tomorrow will be the second. It is time to adopt the only productive communication style: take note of your concern, but we continue to do that because we ourselves seem expedient — sorry, views do not necessarily reflect …

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