Elkor is an artificial stone Corian

The company "Elkor" on the Russian market a wide range of products made of artificial stone under the brand name "Korea".

Artificial stone "Corian" — a unique solution for creating interiors that has become increasingly used in both personal and for business and office spaces. Stone "Corian" is different number of advantages due to which it can be successfully used in the interiors of hotels and bars, hospitals or laboratories, as work surfaces in restaurants.


This material is versatile, reliable, minimizing maintenance and durable. In addition, considerable importance in the popularity of artificial stone "Corian"Plays and wide range of colors and its ability to perfectly combine with other decoration and building materials.

"Elkor" is the official manufacturer of a wide array of artificial stone under the brand name Corian and offers the most competitive and attractive environment for cooperation.

Advantages of products sold has been highly praised by many large companies, including restaurants «IL Patio" and "Planet Sushi." In particular, it is for restaurants «IL Patio" and "Planet Sushi" in Moscow, Zelenograd, Irkutsk and Kemerovo, the company "Elkor" engaged lined interior walls, making tops, bar counters, sinks, screens, battery, and the interior ( such as vases, shelves, mailboxes).


"Products from" Corian "- selection of the most demanding customers, who always help to emphasize the unique style of the interior, to make it more comfortable and richer — said General Director of" Elkor "Pavel Kovalev. — We are pleased that the artificial stone "Corian" is becoming more and more popular, and will always strive to offer the best prices and warranty on all products. "


For more information on the marketed products can be found on the website "Elkor" — http://www.elcor-s.ru.

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