Elsib shipped stator turbine power plant for Nizhneturinskaya

After successful completion of factory tests of the turbogenerator stator TF-63-2U3 for the second start-up complex Nizhneturinskaya TPP shipped on a railway platform from the territory of the Novosibirsk plant "Elsib." Power supplied by generator — 63 MW. Weight stator shipped more than 100 tons.

This is one of the two turbine generators supplied by the the project "Reconstruction of Nizhneturinskaya TPP" commissioned by the Ekaterinburg branch of JSC "TGC-9" ("IES").

Nizhnetouriskaya TPP (Nizhny Tour, Sverdlovsk region) — this is the greatest power of all input "IES" as part of the investment program. The very investment program is designed for entry capacity is almost 2,300 MW. Thanks to modernization, the station sweeping changes to significantly reduce the cost of electricity and reduce specific fuel consumption nearly doubled.

Nizhnetouriskaya power plant — the first major power station high pressure in the Urals. After the reconstruction of the main power plant equipment, which turned 62 in December, will be out of service. Introduced a new modern electric power station of 460 MW, heat — 522 Gcal / h The updated station will greatly improve the energy supply, reduce the cost of heat and electricity and to create new opportunities for the development of cities and Tura Forest.

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