Embankment on the Langeron. Odessa.

See dolphins in Odessa can be not only in the high seas or in the waters of the port of Odessa, but also very close, and, mind you — free of charge, in the basin of the dolphinarium "Nemo" in Lanzheronovskoy waterfront. Yes, and the walk itself on the new promenade of Odessa bestowed only pleasant experiences.

Sure, after the opening of the new promenade near the Dolphinarium "Nemo", Langeron was the most popular destination among tourists not only visitors, but also among the citizens of Odessa. During the hour-long evening walk, take a dip in the sea, under the splash fountains, a snack or a cup of coffee and proshvyrnutsya along the waterfront are sure to meet friends and acquaintances with whom you talk lately, for some reason only in social networks — at least on the phone.

Here — on the waterfront, you suddenly convinced that good friends in Odessa remains much more than that seen in normal daily life. Well, for "skupnutsya" in the warm evening sea, it is better not to tell, but immediately dive from the waterfront. Maybe that’s not quite right in terms of safety on the water, but nice. In addition, there is low, and the spectators and plenty of lifeguards.

Moreover, that living, almost to the sea, Odessa, confident that they really something to go on the sea always have time, often open the swimming season sometime in September — so do not be late. So better before, and certainly in Langeron.

So for those who missed opening of a new quay at Langeron, still have time to get to know her a little bit

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