Emergency helicopters Russia awaits completion

In late November, the Ministry of the Russian Federation for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations) will receive four new helicopters.
New equipment purchased under the program of technical re-equipment of Ministry of Emergency Situations for 2011-2015. The program provides for the allocation for this purpose 43 billion rubles. By 2015, the share of modern technology in the MOE should reach 80%. In 2010 for the purchase of a new rescue equipment, gear and equipment to the Ministry was allocated 10.42 billion rubles, which is 14.5 times more than in 2004.
"By the end of the month we get three Mi-8 helicopters and one Ka-32, is already their acceptance" — quoted by RIA Novosti Head of aviation and rescue techniques Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations, Major-General Sergei Fedorov.
Fedorov said that in 2011, for aviation units agency planned to buy a total of 8 helicopters of them — 5 Ka-32 and Mi-8 3.
"As of today has already received three helicopters Ka-32", — informed the General.
Currently, the Russian Emergency Situations Ministry aviation park 59 aircraft, including five amphibious aircraft Be-200ES.

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