Employees of the Institute Chair for Linux transferred for kids

Employees of the Institute of Applied Computer Science, Tomsk State Pedagogical University (Tomsk State Pedagogical University) was transferred to the Russian language developed in France operating system «DoudouLinux» («DoudouLinux"), designed for children from two years of age.

"Working with the" DoudouLinux "does not need to know the words and letters — a system of almost all in pictures. It has an intuitive interface and no traditional menu, taskbar, text messaging, operations with files and folders "- said the head of the project on the Russification, deputy director of the Institute Sergey lumps.

According to him, the system allows young children to learn the simple operation of a computer — to move the mouse, search for and press a key on the keyboard. For children who can read, set more complex programs. In addition, the system has a powerful filter malicious Internet content.

He explained that the original operating system developed by French enthusiast Jean-Michel Philippe, it comes with open source software, as well as other versions of Linux. At the same time, the Chair for active work on the implementation of free software in education, so his co-workers decided to support the development of the operating system for the kids.

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