Employers reported an improvement in the economic situation in Russia

Federal State Statistics Service conducted a survey of business activity of Russian enterprises of key industries. Compared with December 2012 index of business confidence in May 2013 in the extractive industries rose from 5% to 4%, in manufacturing from -5% to 0%. In the production and distribution of electricity, gas and water it, on the contrary, decreased from 6% to — 20%.

Among the executives surveyed by optimism growth in production over the next three months outnumber pessimists had expected a decline of output in the manufacturing sector by 29 percentage points, in the mining sector — by 21 percentage points.

The economic situation in their organization for the extraction of minerals is considered favorable and satisfactory 9% — 78% of managers in the manufacturing sector, respectively — 8% and 79%. Improving the economic situation in the next 6 months waiting for 32% and 33% of respondents.

Among the factors limiting the opinion leaders, the growth of production in enterprises, dominated by high rates of taxation in the manufacturing sector — the lack of demand for the products of the domestic market. The number of respondents who indicated deterioration and lack of equipment, the uncertainty of the economic situation, the lack of financial resources, lack of skilled workers, compared with May 2012 decreased. Increased the influence of limiting the growth of production factors to lack of demand in the foreign market.

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