EMSS get your order Urals Stampings

Ukrainian company PJSC "EMSS" (EMSS, enters the engineering division of Rosatom — AtomEnergoMash) has entered into a transaction with OAO "Urals Stampings."

For the manufacturer of stamping production of special steels and alloys EMSS will produce large-sized Chabauty.


Chabauty — Full cast the large storage, designed to forge hammer. Under the deal goes blank ready for the customer in June-July 2013.

For "Urals Stampings" EMSS manufacture Chabauty, the mass of which would be 195.4 tons item will be a new champion among Chabauty, producing Energomashspetsstal, and it will be a full cycle of processing. Furthermore, the product will be produced by the new technology.

In 2012, for the Ural forge already been cast casting large-capacity "Chabauty" which was held at the EMSS full cycle of processing and has 135.5 tonnes of salable mass. In March 2013, the Russian partner of PJSC "EMSS" received another order that expanded its business.

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