Enakiyevo Steel for 11 months. increased production of rolled products to more than 88%

 Photo source:technochemreagent.com

Enakiyevo Steel (UEM), part of the group "Metinvest" in January-November 2011 increased the production of rolled products, on-line data, up 88.3% compared to the same period in 2010 — up to 1.977 million tonnes

In this case, the company increased its agglomerate production by 15.2% — up to 1.804 million tons.

In November, produced 233 thousand tons of rolled steel, 248 tons of steel, 226 tons of iron and 158 tons of sinter.

At last month’s YMP was delivered 45 tons of scrap metal for the needs of 62 million tonnes (72.6% required). As of December 1 at the plant in the reserve is 7.7 million tons of scrap.

As reported in April 1, 2011 Makeyevka Steel Plant became a subsidiary of UEM. From this period of performance of the MSW, in particular, the production of rolled products, are included in the statements of YMP.

In 2010, the YMP increased production of finished steel by 6.1% — up to 2.394 million tons, steel — by 4.7% to 2.497 million tons, iron — by 2.7% to 2.164 million tons. At the same time in December, the plant produced 213.2 thousand tons of rolled steel, 228.2 thousand tons of steel and 201.9 thousand tons of pig iron.

YMP, the Ukrainian-Swiss company LLC "Metal" and MMP are part of the group "Metinvest", the major shareholders are JSC "System Capital Management" (71.25%) and the group of companies "Smart-Holding" (23.75%) .

Management company of the group "Metinvest" is OOO "Metinvest Holding".

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