Enduring Freedom quietly drained


For the first three weeks of May, NATO forces have lost 21 servicemen in Afghanistan. Thus, the last month of summer ahead of a record in the number of those killed in 2013 Americans (also on the list of victims — three Georgian citizen and a citizen of Germany.)

According to independent experts, the situation in Afghanistan is completely out of control of the Allies. The most intense conditions observed in the provinces of Kabul, Kandahar and Helmand. The soldiers are killed as a result of suicide bombings, ambushes with automatic weapons, as well as the collapse of the aircraft. So, this month, the rebels managed to shoot down a military transport plane Boeing KC-135.

In the nearly 12 years of war in Afghanistan, NATO forces have lost 3,315 people (including — 2,227 Americans). None of the tasks allies have failed to achieve. War veterans say the situation in the region "worse than the fall of 2001."

Meanwhile, the democratic media has completely lost interest in what happens in Afghanistan. The names of the dead soldiers appeared less frequently in the press, and the White House does not comment on persistent failures commanders. Even the conservative media, which, in general, support the operation "Enduring Freedom» (Operation Enduring Freedom), affected indifference of President Obama.


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