Energoinvest launched the first Galzhbievskoy gelioelektrostantsii

Ltd. "Energoinvest" commissioned Galzhbievskoy first solar power plant (Vinnytsia region). Capacity of 267.9 kW, the head of the National Commission for licensing control of the regulation of the energy sector (NERC), Yuri Antoniuc during a meeting of the regulator in Kiev on Thursday.

According to him, the whole plant will consist of five bursts with a total capacity of 1 MW 446.66 kW.

Construction of the plant is scheduled for completion by 2013.

NERC has established a "green" tariff for the electricity generated by the first burst of solar power plants, and adjusted the total installed capacity of the generating equipment, "Energoinvest" to 14 MW of 463.18 kW.

As reported previously, "Energoinvest" built in the Vinnitsa region Sloboda-Bushansky solar power plant of 1,875 MW.

"Energoinvest" operates 12 small hydro power plants in Vinnitsa, Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk and Ternopil regions and Sloboda-Bushansky solar power.

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