Energomash-Atommash manufactured gantry crane for ZAO SMM

Production engineering designs "Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash" completed the manufacture of metal gantry crane "Knight" for JSC "SMM", St. Petersburg.

Upon acceptance of the representatives of the customer, has begun shipping a rolling construction crane. To date, the boom has already been shipped, column, trunk, ready to ship items of the engine room, movable counterweight. Will ship only 46 seats. The total weight of steel produced was 132 tons. Crane "Knight" will be mounted at the Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port. This is the third crane, made in Volgodonsk for this port. Currently in production at different stages of production are two more metal valves for JSC "SMM".

As the Sales Manager Alexander Shubin: "Company" SMM "- a long-time partner with whom we work with in 2007. Our partners have long seen the high quality production of complex metal structures. In the recall, sent to the address of our Company noted that during the years of production cooperation "Energomash (Volgodonsk) — Atommash" was made of metal for more than ten different types of cranes and destination. The staff of the "SMM" to thank our staff for the high quality, timely production equipment, effective decision-making on all issues. Group "Energomash" Volgodonsk, has established itself as a reliable partner with a high level of technology and we look forward to further fruitful cooperation. "

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