Energomash-Uralelectrotyazhmash manufactured high-voltage substation equipment

At the end of December 2010 of "EnergoKurgan" put into operation a new substation 110/6 kV "Tobol", which is located in the southern part of the mound. High-voltage substation equipment is fully manufactured and delivered «Energomash (Yekaterinburg) Uralelectrotyazhmash." The equipment includes two power substation transformer oil TDN-16000/110 U1, four gas-insulated switch VGT-110, eleven disconnectors RPD-110, three earthing ZRO-110, seven voltage transformers ZNG-110, thirteen transformers TRH-110.
«Energomash (Yekaterinburg) Uralelectrotyazhmash" for many years, is the only manufacturer of high voltage equipment on the territory of the CIS, which comprehensively provides equipment for 110-220 kV substations.

One unique feature is the use of a transformer TDN-16000/110 switching device UZFRN ladders type of production «ABB Components» (Sweden). Application of the system to reduce the weight and dimensions of the transformer to reduce the amount of transformer oil, facilitates the transport equipment, construction also eliminates mixing oil switching devices and the transformer oil, which eliminates the possibility of contamination of the transformer oil and leads to a significant increase in reliability as a transformer, and a power whole.
The last time this level of voltage substation was built and put into operation in Kurgan more than 20 years ago. Construction of "Tobol" total cost of 200 million rubles. was due to the need to reduce the load on the existing distribution points in the transformer substation, increase the reliability of power supply and ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity to customers in the area, as well as the growing shortage of electric power in the city center.
During the construction of the substation, located in a residential area of the city, applied technologies that minimize environmental impact, both at the stage of construction, and when you enter the substation work. Gas-insulated circuit breakers and disconnectors 110 kV controlled remotely, ensuring the safety and efficiency of the switches.
The general contractor for the project is "Tauris Electric Ural".
Recall that in the Kurgan region there is a five-year (2009 to 2013). Investment program of modernization of the regional power grid complex. Total for the previous period, the investment program of work performed by 1 billion rubles.

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