Energomash (Volgodonsk) Atommash manufactured equipment for the power plant Tsimlyanskaya

Production «Energomash (Volgodonsk) Atommash" (part of the Group of companies "Energomash") manufactured and shipped to St. Petersburg Tsimlyanskaya equipment for hydroelectric power plants.

The equipment supplied is intended for the reconstruction of the fourth hydro hydroelectric power, which is now under way.
As noted in the plant, Volgodon company supplies to the station one of the most critical components of hydraulic unit:
Cover hydraulic turbine,
thrust bearing,
spinner turbine cover.
All equipment, unlike the structures 50 years ago, which were used in the manufacture of molded parts, produced by the new technology — with the use of welded workpieces.
Representatives of the customer — "Lukoil-Energoengineering" — and the developer — the Austrian company "Andritz Hydro" — constantly monitor progress and controlled the level of manufacturing quality products, the report says. Because of the great length of welds and weld metal in construction, at every stage of manufacture and acceptance of customer representatives all products passed several overlapping types of controls, such as control ultazvukovoy dye penetrant and magnetic particle testing.

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