ENERGOPROM launched a direct graphitization furnace operation at the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant

Group ENERGOPROM, one of the leading non-oil sector of the Russian economy. It is part of the "Renova". The Company conducts business globally, supplying more than 50% of production is exported. The group is among the five largest world producers of carbon and graphite products. The Company manages three electrode plant: Novocherkassk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk, high-tech manufacturing an electrode and cathode products, the main consumers of which are producers of steel, aluminum, silicon and ferro-alloys.

ENERGOPROM Group successfully launched into operation of the second furnace graphitization direct heating at the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant. The first test batch of products on the new furnace was released on April 4, 2012.

Operation of the furnace, operating on the principle Kastner contributes significantly reduce the total duration of the production cycle, and reduce power consumption by more than 30% compared to the previously used indirect heating furnace.

Moreover, the design of the furnace and features of the process provide higher quality products graphitization. Thus, the graphite cathode blocks, released the first direct-fired furnace at NovEZ, have been successfully tested in the factories of the world’s leading manufacturers of aluminum. The introduction of this technology in the Novosibirsk Electrode Plant allows the company to develop new kinds of products and expand markets.

Sergei Ulianchenko, Director of Production and Technical Development Group ENERGOPROM, said: "The launch of the second kiln line at NovEZ graphitization is the next step in the modernization of the plant’s capacity, in accordance with the Development Strategy Energoprom 2015. Updating the production assets of the Group will expand the product line of the company, improve product quality and increase its competitiveness in the domestic and global markets. "

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