Energy collapse is not terrible!


Last year’s snowfall is known to have led to a massive blackout in some localities of the Russian Federation, paralyzing the work of airports, disrupted the usual course of the lives of thousands of Russians, disrupting many plans for the New Year holidays.

The Republic of Tatarstan is also experienced all the "charms" of the period, its seven districts in early December on the verge of an energy collapse. However, troubles happened. Businesses and communities have saved for backup power units provide power for the production of "KAMAZ". To take just one example: the use of only one of the power unit in Chistopol in December allowed to restore the circulation of water in the heating system of a city.

Power units of OJSC "KAMAZ" has long served the military and security forces of the Russian Federation. They are based on the standard diesel engines KAMAZ and include generators that provide consumers a three-phase 400 V, 50 Hz at an ambient temperature of — 50 to +50 ° C. The unit is operated both indoors and outdoors in any weather.

In high demand are generating sets running on natural gas, created on the basis of gas of diesel engines KAMAZ-820.20-200 and KAMAZ-820.10-115. These engines are operated with the generators in stationary power output of 100 kW and 60, respectively, as well as compressors, pumps and other systems. Diesel engines KAMAZ-820.20-200 equipped with turbo diesel engines with model 820.10-115 she is absent. A control system of diesel engine — electronic, spark ignition — hitless. Climatic version of "Y" or "T", class "B" in accordance with GOST 15150-69. The use of generating sets and power plants of JSC "KAMAZ" completely prevents energy problems.

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